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Cake Flavors



White : Light & Classic White Cake
Vanilla Bean
Princess - Moist & traditional yellow cake with a slight vanilla flavor
Almond - Moist yellow cake with a taste of almond
Double Fudge Devil’s Food - Rich and divine chocolate cake
Red Velvet - A Southern 
traditional chocolate, red cake
Fresh Strawberry - Fresh puréed strawberries folded into a white cake batter
Carrot - Traditional favorite with shredded carrots, pineapple, walnuts and spices
Spice - A full flavored cake with nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and ground cloves
Italian Cream - White cake indulged with coconut and chopped walnuts
Lemon Supreme - Lemon cake infused with a lemon butter sauce
Orange Marmalade – Robust cake made with orange marmalade and lemon zest
German Chocolate - Chocolate cake filled with a coconut and pecan frosting
Mexican Chocolate – Triple chocolate cake with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg
Texas Turtle – Devil’s food cake complimented with rich caramel and pecans
Banana pudding - with wafer and banana cream and fresh banana
Pineapple upside down …
Peaches and Cream – Fresh peaches folded in to a white cake batter
Marble cake delicious butter yellow and devils food cake mix
Butter rum cake…
Cinnamon Roll 
Lemon Meringue cake with toasted meringue icing
Smore cake with marshmallow crème icing and graham cracker crust and chocolate ganache and chocolate cake
Triple chocolate with chocolate filling and ganache
Almond joy   Coconut Cake with almonds and ganache
Orange Creamsicle cake
Pina colada cake –
Key lime cake 
Cassata - Golden cake soaked with an amaretto-butter sauce and toasted almonds
Pink Champagne – Low cholesterol, light cake infused with pink champagne 
Raspberry Liqueur – Fresh pureed raspberries folded into a white batter saturated with a raspberry liqueur butter sauce
Chocolate Liqueur - Chocolate cake soaked with a chocolate liquor butter sauce 
Kalua Mocha - The darkest liqueur cake we make, with subtle hints of coffee and vanilla
Berry Chantilly layers of butter cake with macerated strawberries Dubois and orange zest and almond vanilla cream –





Vanilla Light and Fluffy (Our Most Favorite...perfect for most cakes)
Chocolate Light and Fluffy
Chocolate Fudge with Ganache
Fresh Coconut Pecan Crème Cheese

Traditional Butter cream
Crème de menthe 
Caramel Crème 
Fresh Berry Key Lime   

Cinnamon vanilla   

Light Lemon   

Marshmallow icing   

Whipped Cream    




FILLINGS – Let us know what you like…


Strawberry Filling

Strawberry Mousse

Lemon Mousse  

Raspberry Filling

Raspberry Mousse

Bavarian Cream

Chocolate mousse

Lime mousse or curd

Crème Cheese

Amaretto Crème Ganache

Chocolate crème  






Bourbon & Pecans   

 Five flavor pound cake     

Cinnamon roll and Crème Cheese
Amaretto & Toasted Almonds
Orange Marmalade & Lemon

Cranberries & Walnut

Banana Walnut

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