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Chicken Brochette-Skewers of marinated chicken with roasted bell peppers and onions
Quesadilla-tortillas filled with cheese, chicken and spices


Mushroom Florentine
Mushroom caps filled with spinach and pine nuts
Mushroom Caps with Crab Meat
Mushroom Caps stuffed with Bacon and Cheeses


Beef Sate-Beef Sirloin on a skewer with onion and mushroom
Beef Wellington-Pastry puff filled with  beef and onions and sauce.


Mini Quiche-Fresh Spinach with eggs and cheese in a pastry shell and assorted fillings
Vegetable Spring Roll-Authentic egg roll filled with garden vegetables and a hint of ginger
Pork Potsticker-Chinese dumplings filled with savory pork, green onion and crispy vegetables


Antipasto Skewers-Marinated and seasoned mozzarella, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts
Swedish Meatballs and Asian Meatballs


Crab Cakes with lemon    


Tempura Vegetables-Broccoli and Cauliflower lightly battered and delicately fried with sauce
Water Chestnuts wrapped in Bacon-Whole Water Chestnuts with grilled bacon on a skewer

Fresh Bruschetta on toasted Italian bread
Fresh  Mozzarella Cheese with plum tomatoes and fresh basil over Italian bread
Peppery Beef Tenderloins Medallions with Assorted Sauces
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Hot Crab Dip
Smoked Salmon
Ham or Turkey Pinwheels served on Crackers
Spicy Hot Wings
Glazed Chicken Wings with Ranch Dip
Sausage Ball    

Beef Teriyaki K Bobs
Baked Brie
Marinated Chicken Pineapple Skewers in a Szechwan Sauce
Glazed Chicken Wings with Ranch Dip
Sausage Balls
Hot Queso with Tri-colored Chips
Tomato Basil & Olive Tartlets
Chunky Pecan Chicken Salad Tartlets
Wafers served with a spicy southwestern corn dip
Southwestern Shrimp Dip with Tortilla Chips 
Stuffed Filo Triangles

Bruschetta and Wafers

Chunky Pecan Chicken Salad in Phyllo  

Foccaccia Bread and Dipping Sauce 
Wafers with Spicy corn Southwestern Dip                          

Tortilla Roll Ups with Salsa                  

Layerd Tex Mex Dip and Chips
Assorted Finger Sandwiches            

Chilled Crab Dip               

Smoked Salmon with Dill sauce and Lemon  
Guacamole and chips   
mini cocktail sausages in sauce
Mini Corndogs and mustard election   
Crostini with Goat cheese and Sundried Tomato Pesto
Tomato Basil Soup Shooter and Mini Grilled Cheese
Shrimp Cocktail with Red and or Remoulade Sauce
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Stuffed Phyllo Triangle 
Spinach Artichoke Dip


Artisian Cheese Displays- Variety of Cheeses, Dried Fruit, Pickled Vegetables, Variety of Crackers and Breads, Variety of Dips Antipasto Displays-  Charcuterie, Artisan Meats and Cheeses, Pickled Vegetables, Variety of Crackers and Breads
Crudite Display with Fresh veggies and dip
Bacon Wrapped jalapeno with Crème Cheese
Broiled  Garlic Cilantro and Lime Shrimp
Asparagus Tips with Phyllo wrap and Asiago Cheese
Tortilla Roll ups with salsa
Assorted Finger Sandwich Tray- deli or salad sandwiches 
Chilled Crab Dip
Smoked Salmon with dill sauce lemon capers and wafers
Guacamole and tortilla chips
Chips and salsa bar
Antipasto  Bar with Salami Got Cheese Ricotta Bruschetta  Olives Pickles veggies and dips  and other goodies
Fresh Fruit Cascade with dips

Au Jus
Chipotle Mayonnaise
Brown Gravy
Mustard Sherry Cream

Smoked Turkey Breast
Roasted Pork Loin
Beef Tenderloin
Honey Glazed Smoked Ham
Prime Rib (Cooked to Medium)
Round of Beef
Smoked Beef Briskets




Homestyle Gravy

Sherry and Bacon 

Champagne Mustard

Honey Dijon

Giblet Gravy

Cranberry Sauce


Priced without attendant person carving ($15/hour, minimum of 2 hours)



Petit rolls

Choice of 2 sauces per entrée

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